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Like a LocalLike a Local

Exploring Delft through the eyes of a local

Together with a friend I started the free 'Like a Local' city guide, to share our favourite local spots in Delft with the many tourists that visit our city every year. Since the 4 years we started Like a Local, we worked together with more than 70 local companies, published 8 new editions and wrote content for several books and blogs. Now, more than 150 places in Delft give away the Like a Local guide to their ho(s)tel guest and clients every day.

Team Together with Hannah Harmens
Reach 80K+ users so far

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Published every six months in edition of 10.000

Every six months, we team up with the local entrepreneurs of Delft to create Like a Local. By not only showing shops and lunchrooms in our guide but also more cultural hotspots and public hangouts, we try to show all aspects of our city. For every edition, we shoot new pictures and adjust the copy. Afterwards, the 10.000 guides are printed at a local print shop.


Katie Beth – United States:

“The Like a Local guide presents in a stylish way lovely spots in Delft that are off the beaten path. I really enjoyed discovering so many new places!” - Katie