Branding, website design

Somnox aims to let everyone experience the superpower of sleep with minimal intervention. After their first successful years as a Startup, Somnox needed a cohesive brand identity to support the next phase of their business. Over a series of strategy sessions, we created a brand that can flex and grow as Somnox continues to establish itself in the sleep-tech space. 


Unlike other pieces of sleep tech—sleep trackers or headbands that measure your brainwaves—The Somnox Sleep Robot works more intuitively. You simply hold it against your chest, feel it breathe, and snuggle it to sleep. After speaking with Somnox' users, we found that this emotional aspect of their ‘sleep companion’ made all the difference.


Brand concept

Instead of technical jargon used across the industry, we decided to focus more on the emotional benefits of great sleep. Giving the brand softer edges and infusing it with compassionate language. Somnox’s logo was redesigned with specific proportions in mind allowing it to feel more balanced. 


The power of sleep

The pay-off 'Sleep as your superpower' captures Somnox' purpose in a few words. It radiates Somnox' enthusiasm for sleep and inspires sleepers to turn their sleeping problems into a superpower.


The website

Together with the new identity, Somnox' website was redesigned to improve the e-commerce experience. We designed the website with a mobile-first approach and improved the user flow of the site by offering fewer pages and easier navigation. Guiding users directly to the resources that they might need.  


Somnox also needed a tone of voice that was compassionate yet uplifting. Like a friend in the know. We worked with a copywriter to create a distinct tone of voice, while simple shapes, humanistic elements, and limited colours made Somnox' new illustrations and icons easy to digest.


“In the ever-crowded sleep tech space, Somnox becomes part of your bedtime routine and creates an emotional bond that I understand.”

Arielle Pardes, WIRED

Development: Jeroen Feron, Joel Breems & Bryan Yip
Strategic direction: The Young