Re-defining the brand identity and online presence of


Designing a language platform

From September to March 2017, I worked as a UX design intern at the Kids concept & design studio in Berlin. During my time here, I worked on digital design for clients ranging from small start-ups to big airlines. One of these projects was, a platform for homestays and language courses. With the Kids, we redefined their brand identity and online presence by shifting towards a more modern and trustworthy aesthetics. 

Client Abroadwith
Design agency

Info Visual design and system architecture
Team Joppe Muller, Lianne Siemensma


With the Kids, we updated the visual language for the Abroadwith brand. Key qualities like 'Trustworthiness', 'fresh' and 'exciting' were used to convey the brands feeling and helped as guiding principles for the new identity. The created brand guide included colour and typography guidelines, an updated logo, and examples of how to use text and imagery. 


To improve the user experience of the platform, we mapped out the highlights and pain points of the current user journey to identify opportunity areas. One of these opportunity areas was the booking process: in the current user flow, visitors had lots of problems selecting their homestay, as well as understanding which language course to choose. We therefore completely redesigned the search menu and made a clearer differentiation between both options. 


This resulted in a much simpler user flow where visitors were given the choice to book either a homestay or language course first, after which they were able to add any extras during the booking process. Final deliverables included a sitemap, wireframes, a module library, and a branding guide.